Vintage Ancient Egyptian Scarf by Mary McFadden
Mary McFadden Isis Scarf
Goddess Isis Scarf
Mary McFadden Ancient Egypt Scarf Shawl
Ancient Egyptian Novelty Print Scarf
Ancient Egypt Novelty Print
Ancient Egyptian Motifs Scarf
Mary McFadden Signature
Mary McFadden Scarf
Metro Retro Vintage

Vintage Ancient Egyptian Scarf Mary McFadden Isis Novelty Print Shawl

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The stately goddess Isis and the designs of ancient Egypt are featured in this colorful and picturesque vintage scarf by Mary McFadden, created for QVC in the early 90s. 

The large sized scarf consists of a silky chiffon fabric, and depicts Egyptian goddess Isis, wife of Osiris along with Set, “the God of War”. The novelty print also features anks and scarabs to symbolize good luck, along with hierglypic writing and other classical motifs of the ancient world. 

The shawl sized scarf is large enough to use as a beach wrap and measures approximately 47 by 47 inches square. It is signed “Mary McFadden” in one corner as shown, and has a label for “100% Polyester” with RN, fabric care instructions, and “Made in Italy”.


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