Vintage Coro Trembler Flower Brooch
Vintage Coro Tulip Trembler Pin by Adolph Katz
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Vintage Coro Trembler Tulip Flower Brooch Rhinestone Pin - Adolph Katz

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A quivering stamen with a vivid yellow sparkle, peeps out from the center of this lovely vintage tulip flower trembler brooch by Coro, designed by Adolph Katz and patented in 1939.  

The Art Deco flower is solidly cast, and is in the form of a graceful single stemmed tulip -- which features a gold plated base, maple brown enameled leaves, a 3D tulip head pave set with clear faceted rhinestones, and a jiggly stamen "trembler" set with yellow topaz colored baguette stones and a clear center stone within.

The pin also has a trim of rhinestones near the base, and measures 1&1/4 inches wide at its widest point by 3&1/4 inches high, has riveted construction, weighs 24.8 grams, and is partially impressed with a faint patent number on the reverse, along with "Coro" near the base of the stem.


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