How To Measure

Taking Your Measurements

Taking accurate measurements is an important first step for determining proper fit, especially when it comes to vintage items such as clothing and jewelry.  Please note the following helpful guides for sizing rings, bracelets, and clothing.



Take a thin strip of paper or piece of string, and place it around your finger and then again around your knuckle. Use a pen to mark the size in between the two measurements and compare the length to the size chart below.


Bangle Bracelets

To determine fit, measure the inside circumference of a bangle you already own, or take a flexible tape measure or piece of string and wrap snugly around your hand with thumb tucked in, as shown below.



The following chart is a general guide for determining fit.  It is also important to re-measure your waist while sitting, to allow for natural expansion.  All measurements taken should allow for natural movement and ease.