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Reverse Carved Bakelite Belt Buckle
Apple Juice Bakelite Buckle Set
Art Deco Bakelite Buckle 2 Piece Set
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Vintage Bakelite Buckle Reverse Carved Apple Juice Belt Buckle

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The glistening glow of “apple juice” Bakelite is featured in this vintage Art Deco reverse carved belt buckle with floral hand painted design, circa 1930s-40s.

The two piece buckle set consists of a prystal Bakelite which has patinated into a translucent yellow over time, have round donut shapes and are reverse carved with hand painted flowers of purple which have oxidized to a dark, almost brown plum color, along with green and yellow colors.

Each piece has riveted metal components and measure approximately 1&3/4 inches high by approximately 3&5/8 inches across in total, when buckled as shown, and weigh a total of 41.4 grams.


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