Vintage Black Japanese Haori Embroidered White Crane Birds
Modernist Japanese Haori - Metro Retro Vintage
Japanese Embroidered Cranes
Vintage Black Haori with Birds
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Vintage Rayon Haori Japan
Black Rayon Haori - Metro Retro Vintage
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Vintage Black Japanese Haori Embroidered White Crane Birds

Regular price $75.00

A pair of delicately embroidered cranes and modernist design, are featured on this vintage and finely made mid-century rayon Japanese haori, with additional decorative patterns as shown. 

The solid weight haori length kimono consists of black rayon with partial white damask lining with a cloud design – and features embroidered white birds-in-flight in back, front and back embroidered patternwork, and loops for himo ties.

Very good condition – vibrant and intact.             

Please note sizing diagram (see last pic) and approximate measurements as follows.

Full Sleeve Span – Appx. 50 inches across, edge to edge 
Sleeve Length – 18&1/2 inches hanging, top to bottom 
Bust – Up to 43 inches 
Length – 31 inches, top of mid shoulder to hem


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