Vintage Black & Red Silk Kimono Gold Embroidered Peacock
Art Deco Silk Kimono - Metro Retro Vintage
Embroidered Peacock Kimono - Metro Retro Vintage
Vintage Embroidered Silk Kimono with Peacock
Vintage Red Lined Silk Kimono
Snap Button Kimono Closure
Metallic Gold Embroidered Peahen Kimono
Vintage Kimono Embroidery Gold Peacock
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Metro Retro Vintage

Vintage Black & Red Silk Kimono Gold Embroidered Peacock

Regular price $150.00

A huge gold embroidered peacock is featured on the back of this vintage pre-war silk kimono, made for the western market.                                                                   

The beautifully embellished kimono consists of a lustrous black silk with bright red silk lining, pink embroidered cherry blossom accents and a large peacock or peahen bird, embroidered in gold and light blue metallic threads with hints of red, among branches of pink, yellow, and leafy green cherry blossoms.

*Please note that the prior owner had added snap button closures as shown, which can be removed if desired or left as is.

The kimono itself is in very good condition, with all colors and embroidery remaining vibrant and intact.

Please note general measurements as follows.

Full Sleeve Span – Appx. 50 inches across, edge to edge 
Sleeve Length - 20 inches hanging, top to bottom 
Bust – Up to 46 to 48 inches 
Length – 52 inches, top of mid shoulder to hem


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