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Vintage Egyptian Scarab Winged Necklace Silver & Lapis Lazuli Pendant

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A hand crafted Egyptian scarab with the outstretched wings of Isis, is featured in this vintage Egyptian Revival silver and lapis lazuli pendant necklace from Egypt.

The elegant hand wrought necklace consists of 800 or 900 silver and is in the form of the sacred winged scarab beetle, signifying the “rebirth” of the sun god Ra each morning.

The scarab itself is inlaid with lapis lazuli gemstones set in high relief, with hieroglyphics on the reverse to serve as a protective amulet.

The pendant portion measures approximately 2&7/8 inches wide at its widest point, is stamped with the standard Egyptian silver mark at the lower left corner as shown, and suspends from a silver link chain. 

The necklace in its entirety measures approximately 20 inches around, has a silver plated spring ring closure, and a total weight of 25.9 grams.

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