Modernist Sterling Silver Geode Pendant - J. Tatar
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Modernist Sterling Silver Geode Pendant - J. Tatar

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Make a unique statement in this mod and finely handwrought sculptural sterling silver  pendant featuring a natural geode by J. Tatar, circa 1960s.

The modernist pendant has an abstract cubist look, with a bow to Bauhaus in the American Studio Jewelry tradition.  It is comprised of polished and dimpled hand hammered sterling silver sheeting and silver beading, in a free form sculptural design, prong set with a cross section cut of geode featuring striated bands of rusty red and semi-translucent clam broth colors.

The amply sized pendant measures approximately 1&3/4 inches across at its widest point, by 3&1/8 inches high from top to bottom, weighs 24.0 grams, and is hand engraved with “J. Tatar” and “.925”.

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