Vintage Chinese Silk Scarf Han Dynasty Novelty Print
Vintage Chinese Silk Scarf
Chinese New Year Scarf
Chinese Novelty Print Scarf
Chinese Han Dynasty Print
Chinese mothers and babies
Hand rolled Chinese scarf
Edge of Chinese silk scarf
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Vintage Chinese Silk Scarf Han Dynasty Novelty Print

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A charming Yangliuqing woodblock style mosaic depicting young mothers and children, signifying abundance in the New Year – is the theme of this vintage Chinese silk scarf featuring scenes from what appears to be the Han dynasty.

The elegant shawl sized scarf consists of a luxurious silk, in rich colors of burgundy red, honey yellow, shades of blue teal and brown, and sandy beige – with artistic panels of young mothers, babies, and playing toddlers, along with graceful cranes, flowering trees, Chinese calligraphy, and chop marks.

*Please note – I can see a bit of thinning thread along the inside edges as well as a small hole in one corner edge, as shown.

Otherwise, the scarf is in very good condition, and has hand rolled hems and measures a generous 40 by 40 inches in size.  There are no labels.


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